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Changes to the ABYC constitution and by-laws have been proposed that would replace the requirement for new regular members to purchase an Equity Unit with the payment of an initiation fee beginning on January 1, 2020.  Proposed changes are available for review [HERE].  Hard copies of the proposed changes are also located on the whiteboard inside the ABYC clubhouse.

Adoption requires the approval of two-thirds of the Club's Regular Members.  Members may vote by the following methods:

  • In-person at the Annual Meeting, November 2nd

  • Online using the electronic ballot below, until October 31st

  • Email to, until October 31st

  • Paper ballots [AVAILABLE HERE] placed in the ABYC payment box in the ice room, until October 28th

  • Paper ballots [AVAILABLE HERE] mail to the ABYC, postmarked on or before October 25th

Only one vote is allowed per regular membership.

Your Vote:

Thank you for your vote!

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