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            Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with a membership?


Club amenities include use of the pool, restrooms with showers, kitchen, barbecue grill, and ice machine.  The ability to use the clubhouse for your own personal events at no cost is available for members and their guests.  Private events are scheduled with the Junior Board Member and will be entered as "reserved" on the club calendar.  For casual use of the clubhouse, please check the calendar to be sure there are no scheduled events.  


For those with sailing experience, members may use the club boat, a 22' Capri sailboat once the member demonstrates knowledge of the local canals.  There are also slips available to rent to members.

ABYC is a member of the Gulf Yachting Association (GYA).  This organization is composed of 37 yacht clubs along the Gulf Coast.  Our membership has reciprocity with these clubs.  In advance, you should contact the yacht club you will be visiting as a courtesy.  Their club rules (attire, facility use, etc.) will apply during your visit.

ABYC has a group number that gives members a discount on BoatUS membership.


Can you tell me more about Club Events?

ABYC hosts several no-cost events at the clubhouse and on the water.  During the clubhouse functions bar service is available in which members charge drinks to their account.  In addition, the club holds a few paid (catered) events throughout the year. 

As for on the water activities, we have racing events in keel boats and on dinghies year around, plus other on the water fun activities. Charges will be applied to some racing events.  Many of these events provide opportunities for both members who own and those who do not own boats.

How are club charges handled?

The Purser will email members a monthly invoice that includes tokens purchased, charges for events and other charges that may come up.  Cash cannot be accepted for bar charges.  Members can obtain a bag of chits (tokens) to be used to purchase drinks at the bar for themselves and for their guests.  Payments against the invoice may be made by check or by the ABYC Square account (nominal fee applied).


What does it cost to become a member?


Membership is the same for an individual or a family living in a single household.  

          $100 - nonrefundable application fee ($50 for applicants not yet 30 years old) - application posted for 30 days

          $300 - first year of membership - Associate Member - year starts after the Board votes

          $500 - one time initiation fee moves member to Regular membership

          $600 - annual dues Regular Member (prorated the first year to Jan 1, then billed annually by the Purser)

          $150 - annual dues for members who are 21 years of age until they turn 30 - Student/Young Professional Member

                    note: dues paid quarterly are charged a 10% fee

                    note:  dues and fees paid by credit card include a nominal fee


Okay, I am interested; How do I become a member?


To become a member, submit an application with a nonrefundable application fee of $100 ($50 for young members).

The application may be filled out electronically and emailed to .  Note that you do not have to physically sign the electronic copy.  By entering your name on the signature line, and emailing the document, you have effectively signed the application.  The Past Commodore will contact the Purser who will then email the applicant an invoice for the application fee.  Alternatively, the signed application may be mailed to the club and a check for the application fee enclosed. 


Once both the application and the fee are received the 30-day waiting period will begin.  After 30 days the Board will vote in the new Associate Member.  At the end of the first year, an Associate Member has the opportunity to become a Regular Member.


For questions about Membership please 

For a copy of the Membership application                                 both the email and USPS mailing addresses can be found on the application

Can you provide more information about sponsors?


If you already know an existing member, ask them if they can sponsor you and fill out their name on the application and copy them on the email to me.  If not, the Past Commodore will be the sponsor. 

Do you have slips available to rent for my boat?


ABYC owns the slips behind the clubhouse and are available to rent by club members for $225 a month plus tax.   There is water, 30-A power and WiFi available on the docks.  The maximum length we will accept is 40’ and we can accommodate up to 5’ 8” drafts.  Occasionally there is a wait list for slips.   If so, Marsh Harbour Marina (850-819-4300) owns the slips east of the clubhouse.  They might have room and be able to accommodate your boat. 


How can I go about using the club boat(s)?


Apalachee Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) has a keel boat available for members to use at no cost.  It is a 22'  Capri.  Members need to be familiar with the local canal system and demonstrate that they can handle a sailboat before using the boat.  A checkout sail is required before using the boats. The club also has a few dinghies available to members.  Members will be required to use the online reservation system.

I’d like to learn how to sail, or improve my sailing skills, do you offer lessons?


Although we do not offer private or group sailing lessons, there are several ways that you can learn to sail, or to further develop your skills. They pretty much revolve around racing, day sailing with members, or participating in the occasional sailing skills workshops. 



Racing is grouped into two categories:  keel boat and dinghy racing.  Keel boat races are open to the public and anyone is welcome to race on their own boat or crew for others.  These races show up as “PHRF” races on the club calendar.  Usually, some skippers are willing to pick up crew, especially if the winds are strong.  A few skippers will take crew of any skill level.   To crew, you can just show up at a skippers' meeting at the clubhouse the day of the race or reach out to the Vice Commodore who organizes the race series.  There is not always room for pick up crew at each race, so there is the risk of showing up and not being able to sail.  


Dinghy racing is another great way to improve sailing skills.  Several members in the community will lend out dinghy sailboats to members wanting to try out dinghy racing.  Participation in these races has recently been opened to non-members for a small fee.  If anything, it is fun to come to the boat ramp basin to watch the races.  Visit the ABYC calendar of events to see when races take place. 



Sometimes members will invite other members out for day sails on their boats.  This is a good way to watch other sailors and to help as needed.  If the owner of the boat is up for it, they may offer their guests the opportunity to helm.




A few sailing workshops are available to members a few times during the year.  These are aimed at ABYC members but would be open to the public if slots are available.



There are also other possibilities for finding lessons.  US Sailing and ASA are two great programs however these are not available in our area. The closest US Sailing is in Daytona Beach and there are ASA schools in Panama City & Pensacola.  They both offer online courses, as well as Boat US Foundation.  ASA also has a free 30-to-45-minute introductory course.                                   I have taken three ASA courses from the Pensacola Sailing Academy, and another member recently took a couple of courses from Reef Runner in Panama City. 

For Questions about On The Water Activities please

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