Benefits of Membership include:
  • Use of the ABYC clubhouse facilities, including the pool, by you and your guests

  • Participating in your choice of ABYC sponsored regattas, cruises, formal and informal social events

  • Use of Apalachee Bay Community Sailing fleet of boats after the completion of an orientation and checkout sail with an authorized ABCS Member

  • Attending programs to gain more proficiency and enjoyment of sailing and knowledge of other activities at the coast

  • Charging dinners and beverages at the ABYC state licensed bar

  • Access to facilities at other Gulf Yachting Association clubs

  • Enjoying privileges extended by GYA clubs when visiting their facilities

  • Camaraderie and helpful exchange of ideas and knowledge among individuals with common interests

Type of Memberships:

  • Associate membership is available to new members age 30 and over and limited to one year. Associate members pay an initiation fee of $100 and annual dues of $300 either annually or quarterly.  Associate members do not purchase an equity unit until becoming regular members and are not voting members.

  • Student/Professional membership is available to a student or professional between age 21 and 30 with no voting privileges.  Student/Professional members shall pay an initiation fee of $50 and annual dues of $150 (there is no quarterly dues option).

  • Regular membership includes voting rights and costs $600 annually. A regular membership requires the purchase of an equity certificate during the first year. The 2018 price for an equity certificate is $512, which is tied to the appraised value of the club's property. The dues and equity certificate may be paid either annually or quarterly. The equity unit may be redeemed at its current value if an individual withdraws membership and there are sufficient funds in the Redemption Account. ​​​


There are no quarterly memberships, only annual ones. The club allows payment of the annual dues on a quarterly basis, but with a surcharge of 10% for the right to spread the dues out over the year.

Social events and selected activities are charged separately to a member's account, cash and credit cards are not accepted.

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Apalachee Bay Yacht Club

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