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Benefits of Membership include:
  • Use of the ABYC clubhouse facilities, including the pool, by you and your guests

  • Participating in your choice of ABYC sponsored regattas, cruises, formal and informal social events

  • Use of Apalachee Bay Community Sailing fleet of boats after the completion of an orientation and checkout sail with an authorized ABCS Member

  • Attending programs to gain more proficiency and enjoyment of sailing and knowledge of other activities at the coast

  • Charging dinners and beverages at the ABYC state licensed bar

  • Access to facilities at other Gulf Yachting Association clubs

  • Enjoying privileges extended by GYA clubs when visiting their facilities

  • Camaraderie and helpful exchange of ideas and knowledge among individuals with common interests

Type of Memberships:

  • Student/Young Professional membership is available to a student or young professional between age 21 and 30.  This membership option encourages younger members to join but does not allow voting privileges.  Student/Professional applicants shall pay an application fee of $50 and then annual dues of $150, to be paid in full upon membership acceptance.

  • Associate membership is available to new members, or to members that age out of the Student/Young Professional option, and is limited to one year.  This membership allows people to join and get to know ABYC at a reduced rate but does not allow voting privileges.  Associate applicants pay an application fee of $100 and then an annual due of $300 either in full or quarterly, upon membership acceptance.

  • Regular membership can be available to Associate Members at the end of their first year.  This type of membership includes voting rights and costs $600 annually.  A regular membership requires the one-time payment of an initiation fee of $500 during the first year.  The dues and initiation fee may be paid either annually or quarterly.


All memberships are on an annual basis; there are not any options for quarterly memberships. The club allows payment of the annual dues on a quarterly basis, but with a surcharge of 10% for the right to spread the dues out over the year.

Social events and selected activities are charged separately to a member's account.  Cash and credit cards are not accepted.

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